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Established by Salon Film (H.K.) Limited in 2016, Salon Media Lab is a co-creative start-up network for new media ventures. With nearly 60 years’ profound history of professional filmmaking servicing since 1959, we are experienced in professional filming and new media technologies with strong network and advanced resources. Setting up Salon Media Lab, we believe collaboration creates synergy. With our top-notch multi-disciplinary partners, we are a platform to foster film and media development in Hong Kong, which equip, nurture and connect aspiring media pioneers in filmmaking, animation and new media technologies industries.


Salon Media Lab aims at igniting aspiration, nurturing starters and fostering the growth of creative and connected film, animation and new media industries. We provide

  • a platform for new media talents and ventures to gather ideas in the film and media industry

  • strong networks to aspire and incubate media pioneers

  • physical spaces for users to create, collaborate and showcase their innovative ideas and works

  • professional support in filming and new media technologies for potential starters


Salon Media Lab is to be the flourishing stage of film, animation and new media starters, passing the profound experience and techniques down from top-notch partners, equipping path-breakers with resources, and finally prospering the filmmaking, animation and new media technology industries.

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